Mawlamyine distillery

Mawlamyine ( Moulmein ) city , the capital of Mon state , is also former British colonial capital. There is distillery plant in Mawlamyine , established in 1876 by one French businesman JE Limouzin as ` Phoenix distillery ` , who then sold it in 1884 to chinese man by name Leong Chye , and now producing ` Mawlamyine rum ` and also using ` Mandalay rum ` brand . They also produce concentrated liquor. At the end of XIX - beginning of XX they produced beer too... in tinware labels...

General Manager Mrs . Daw Shu Yone

stickin` labels

fillin` bottles

turnin` corks



There are eight days in burmese week...
Buddha was born on Wednesday at noon ,
so it divides on two days :
- morning Wednesday and afternoon Wednesday...
Burmese symbols of the week`s days are :
- Monday - Tiger
- Tuesday - Lion
- the first Wednesday - Elephant With Tusks
- the second - Elephant Without Tusks
- Thursday - Small Mouse
- Friday - Big Mouse
- Saturday - Big Snake Naga
- Sunday - Karudo Bird

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